Summer blossoms! 

Here in Aberystwyth, the cherry trees are beginning to blossom! Spring has arrived…. 



With the rose spit-bite completed, the blank areas of the background on its plate were beginning to niggle me. It prompted me to attempt a couple of chine-collé’s with a variety of different papers found in local art shops. Using a paper that included preserved flowers pressed onto the surface or coloured tissue paper that I cut into the shape of some of the petals I created the below range of prints. They look lovely if I do say so myself! Any suggestions for colour combinations of papers or anything else would be gladly received! 

Introductions and Inspiration.

As is polite, I thought it best to introduce myself. My name is Clodagh (although I am known to my friends as Cloud; easier to say). I call Yorkshire home but live in Aberystwyth studying a major-minor degree in Fine Art and Art History. I have always known my future would revolve around art in some way or another, and the opportunity to study here is one big step on my road to where I am heading. Being brought up in the countryside has inspired my work greatly; flora and fauna, landscapes and family are recurring features, important not just to the art I create but to myself as a private individual. I have been focusing on a multitude of practices including screen-printing, woodcuts, lino cuts, life studies and photography. The current areas that I am concentrating on are lithographs and etchings. The latter areas are where I shall be starting my blog journey although others may pop up occasionally! Hope you enjoy!


A Yorkshire sunset.