Visit to the shops/ the start of everything.

As I progress through University what continues to surprise me is how much inspires me to create. At the start of this semester I had no idea what I wanted to do in the printmaking module or what I wanted to focus it on , however there were two instrumental things that helped that. The first was a visit to the beach, obviously this is the sea, rock-pools, the sand and all the creatures that live in it.

A washed up fish, which I suspect was some kind of bottom dweller, was decomposing on the shoreline among the seaweed, although a slight bit stinky, the bone structure and remaining texture was really fascinating and I remember thinking at the time how it would make a interesting drawing. IMG_20160210_164942.jpg

The second part that really convinced me as to what I should do in printing was a visit to the local shops. After seeing the texture and contemplating using that as a starting point, when passing through the isle doing my daily shopping, the fish counter caught my eye, there were some fillets with the reflective scales facing upwards, the striped still glistening wet surface of the mussel shell and the shrimp and prawns with their nearly translucent but rigid exoskeleton, all of these established the sea creature theme that I have been working on. What I learnt from this semester most of all is that inspiration is all around us, we just have to let ourselves think and mull things over, time to consider what we have seen will eventually nourish that tiny seed of thought into a plant and that in itself will turn into fruitful rewards for us as artists either through the experience of creating artwork or the process of it.


Fish Counter selection


The Printing Rooms.

The School Of Art (more commonly know to students as the ‘SoA’)  at Aberystwyth University is a Grade II listed building, it retains many of its original features and the character behind the building is still there after so many years. The close proximity of the workshops, lecture halls, studios and gallery and museum allows students like myself to experience all types of events and practices. The entirety of the bottom floor of the building, along with a few other rooms in the SoA, has been dedicated to the print profession and includes:

Screen Print Area- Previously prepared screens , colours, gel and vacuumed beds for the screens are all  provided among other items.

Etching – Filled tanks with acid and the non toxic BIG ground (highly recommended) along with space to wash plates and prepare them are available for use.

Woodcut – Areas to cut safely, tech room for ordering wood that will be then be cut to specific size requirement, some tools ( although always best to buy own tools) and inks and rollers, presses made for printing woodcuts of which there are two varieties provided.

Lithograph-Stones which are sometimes already grained ready for use, inks, tools and four presses are provided.

I have included pictures of some of these print rooms so my viewers can have a look !