About Me

Most artists take this chance and attempt to explain who they are, what they do and how and why they do it. Translating what I create and the reasoning behind it is at a risk of communicating a piece of generic spiel that is partially under false pretence. In an effort to stick to the truth, what influences me to create work is simply an overwhelming biological disposal to create art; a selfish and immodest reason but one that drives my life. Many things that I see or experience are inspirational in my work; a change of scenery to a coastal area has had a significant impact on the recent prints I have been creating; mainly intricate etchings of marine life. I have been referencing flora and fauna in the main body of work and have been concentrating on the textures and details of natural items and exploring the often forgotten fragments that are categorised as mundane. I have engaged with this not because of some ‘hidden subliminal truth’ but simply because it interests me, playing around with and learning different techniques satisfies my curiosity which is a human experience that forms what I believe to be an integral framework of my life as an artist. As for the direction I’m heading in, time and impulse will tell. Traditional tools such as pencil, brush and paint are what I normally use although printing techniques such as etching and lithography have been fun to explore recently. An aspect of the latter processes that have caught my attention is that unlike the pencil there’s no correcting mistakes, the spontaneity of it is a new but positive feeling where every part of human behaviour in creating the art such as inked fingerprints holding my identity, colours chosen depending on mood are all captured in what should be an exactly repeatable image but is in fact changing, transforming and capturing who I am at that time on paper forever; an extension from the past, present in the future. Immortality through my art, for however long it lasts, would be a more than satisfactory legacy for me.