Using the previous idea of looking at shapes that were either created by the lithograph materials or that could be within the materials, I focused on using toner and tusche wash, pooling them onto the surface of the stone and letting them dry I created the base for the piece.


Looking at the pattern that was created it reminded me of seaweed and coral, instead of outlining the patterns and making them into these plants I thought that a crustacean that lives in this environment would be more effective !With a shrimp in mind I set out , drawing the creature, instead of creating a dark body for the animal I left it relatively transparent with the washes underneath still visible, this adhered to the shrimps actual features as well. The below image is a photograph of the piece before the final touches were added to the creature and background.


The piece before it was fully completed!

Once completed the stone received its first etch, due to the toner not being cured as it should have been, some of the colours has been removed, in an attempt to darken the piece it has been left for a couple of weeks. After it has been printed as it is I think that I may go back and counter etch it and add some more contrast to the background.Keep an eye out for the finished piece! Any comments are welcomed!

IMG_20170331_163509 (1)

The stone receiving its first etch…


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