Under the sea…..

Sea Urchins. This was the creature that I had set my sights on for my next lithograph. Although I could have decided to depict the urchin with spines, the bare dried shell interested me more as I thought it could translate to the materials of the lithograph much more effectively.After using toner, tusche washes and some lithographic ink I scraped back into the piece to create a interesting background that was more intricate and decorative than the actual urchin, this was to create a contrasting scene with the simplistic shell. It was only after I had finished it all that the lecturer reminded me that the toner needed to be set onto the limestone surface. Luckily all was not lost and I was able to cure it with some lighter fluid that was poured over it, as to how it cures it I am not sure and my lecturer didn’t seem to be too certain either! This stone now has its first etch on and is nearly ready to be printed!


Sea Urchin, nearly ready to be printed!


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