Jellyfish Lithograph

IMG_20170306_112713.jpgUsing the basis of the monochromatic materials that can be used on lithographs such as tusche, toner and other grease based items, I decided upon combining that and a sea creature theme; consequently a jellyfish popped up in my mind. With a black background it would be easier to emphasise the transparent body of the creature, washes could be used to show any shadows and the inner structure of it. This was one of the first lithographs I have done and the first that tusche was primarily used. The end result on the stone looked good but as my lecturer has said, it can all change depending on the way it is etched and print. And boy, it changed alright! The background with the delicate reticulations disappeared and became a mixture of areas of dark dark grey to solid black. The areas of light tusche wash on the jellyfish completely vanished and it appeared very flat.  img_20170416_2139541.jpg


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