Hot off the press.

The first print that we were asked to make was based on where we wanted to take our projects in print. For me that was to do with nature, more specifically crustaceans  and intricate markings that would transfer well to etchings. A snail, although a mollusc was my initial choice, the lines on the shell and the depth that could be created with different directional lines would be challenging but could work very well. After putting on the ground and baking it, I was ready to use the needle to draw the shell, although the first mark was nerve wracking I soon slipped easily into it. When I printed the piece on the press, experimenting with different colours and the way different inks ‘behaved’ was key to the process for me. To create the form and three dimensionality without any tone such as aqua-lift, I used different colour inks, the darker being blue on the outer edges of the shell and the red as the highlighted areas. The below images are the final outcome of this attempt to create tone through colour. Although they worked well I am going to experiment with how they appear when placed on top of another etched plate, so keep an eye out for any update on this!


Preparing to place the plate into the acid bath.


Plate ready to be inked.


Inked up plate.


Black ink print !


Two colour tone attempt!


The prints are drying…slowly.


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