A library, a lecture and a lot of prints.

In most other courses, I hear never ending complaints about lectures, but then again most other courses probably don’t get to take a casual visit too the National Library of Wales. And look at original Rembrandt’s. Or Durer’s. Or Whistlers. I do however and it was bliss, the internet and pictures will never do these prints justice due to the simple fact that you can’t feel them, or judge the size and the intricacy in the marks or the texture or the effects of the time and wear on them. Although lectures can be interesting, in my mind having a lesson where you can handle the pieces, albeit with white gloves( literally!) creates a level of depth that cannot be gained by just talking about it. Luckily I was allowed by staff to take photographs of the session and the prints that the class saw and despite these photographs not having the same effect as the real pieces as I stated earlier, hopefully they will be just as enchanting to a viewer who can’t make the trip to see them ! Although I absolutely recommend you try!



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