A New Beginning!

First day back at Uni. A quick change of plans the day before from the book illustration module to a intaglio printmaking module meant my new timetable started on the Monday.Early morning start instead of a three day weekend ,urghhh ! Today consisted of a 9 AM lecture outlining the week by week plans for the semester and a short but sweet introduction into some of the history of Printmaking. Next was a 6 hour practical demonstrating various techniques for lithography and etching. We were asked to design a simple quick drawing on a group stone using any preliminary ideas we wanted to explore throughout the semester. The aim of this class was to generate a understanding and become more confident with the materials used in lithography. Lithography is brilliant for emphasis of rich blacks and contrast is also a effective technique, aware of this I drew two different types of shells onto the stone using a ink and nib pen for detail, shading some parts of the shell to create form and depth with a crayon suitable for lithographs.When printed by the instructor this turned out very successfully, although the correct level of ink opacity took some time to achieve.


Final group print.


My own design within the group print.


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